See Where People Are Coming From!

We’re at just about 500 people so far for the Deadwood 3 Wheeler Rally! ┬áCheck out the map at our Facebook page!

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  1. Michael Simons (call sign, ""hyway" ) says:

    2018 – Event
    I will be traveling from NJ. I would like to know who else might/will be traveling from the North East? NY, NJ, PA. “Spyder Convoy”

    Hope to see A Lot of Spyder Riders.


  2. John says:

    At Trike Central can you get some more speakers set up to cover the whole lot, as people by the bathrooms and over to the north can’t hear with just the main speakers the way they were set up last year.

    • Teresa Schanzenbach says:

      Hi John:
      Thanks for the comments – we will certainly do our best to improve the speaker situation.

      Hope to see you in July!

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