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The Deadwood 3 Wheeler Rally (D3WR) is an event with the goal to bring three-wheelers, also known as Trikes, to Deadwood and the Black Hills Region. The D3WR will be an annual event with the first rally having taken place in 2015.  The 3rd Annual Deadwood 3 Wheeler Rally will be Tuesday July 11 through Sunday July 16, 2017. Future events will be held annually around the same time of the year.

Based in Deadwood and organized by First Gold Hotel & Gaming, destination rides and specific activities will encompass the entire Black Hills Region. The Trike Show n’ Shine, concerts, BBQ’s/socials will be based in downtown Deadwood and the Deadwood Mountain Grand. An event booklet containing “99 Things to See and Do” will be given out along with the Deadwood Chamber coupon book in hopes the participants will take time to explore and enjoy all the community has to offer.

D3WR was chosen to be one of seven BRP/CanAm Spyder events in North America. As a result D3WR has received national recognition and support. 

For more information about this event or to see how you can get involved:
Email Teresas@firstgold.com or call 800-274-1876 Ext. 1102.

Check out the Facebook Page at 3 Wheeler Rally or www.D3WR.com

For future dates, see the Future Dates page!

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  1. LaVerne Bierman says:

    Are there 3-wheel rallies in other states??

    • Teresa Schanzenbach says:

      Hi Laverne:
      There are a number of trike rallies that are held around the US. Some are organized for specific types of 3 wheelers such s CanAm Spyders. some are organized for specific memberships and or clubs and then there is the Deadwood 3 Wheeler Rally which is organized to bring together riders on all different makes and models. He hope you will think about attending ours which will be held July 10-15, 2018.

    • Dan says:

      Hi LaVerne. Yes their are several Spyder Rally’s around. Two that comes to mind is the “Spyderfever” in Iowa/Nebraska in August. Then the Spyder Riders of Broken Arrow is hosting one it’s called “Green Country Spyderfest” and it will be Oct. 4-5 & 6 2018 in Broken Arrow, Ok.

  2. homer ill says:

    It was a great rally great food and rides.

    • Teresa Schanzenbach says:

      Thanks – we will continue to work on things to make it even better in 2018 when the dates are July 10-15. Hope you will be able to make it. First Gold has amazing room rates for it!

  3. Chico Fowler says:

    According to the latest map, there are 22 folks from Nebraska coming to the event this year. 12 of those are from the NISR (Nebraska Iowa Spyder Riders) club. We’d like to meet up with the other 10 from Nebraska. Also there looks like 12 from Iowa and 3 of the 12 are from our club. Liked to meet those folks also. Hope to see/meet y’all at Deadwood.

    • Teresa Schanzenbach says:

      Hey Chico – if we can assist by putting up a sign or something to get all the Nebraskans together just let me know. We will assist however we can – See you soon!

  4. Teresa Schanzenbach says:

    Hi Denny
    Deadwood 3 Wheeler Rally is pleased to be working with Powder River Trikers! I love your enthusiasm and willingness to roll up your sleeves and work to make this rally an unforgettable experience. Thanks for contacting me about the group and you wanting to be involved.

  5. Denny Steckelberg says:

    We of Powder River Trikers are excited too be involved with First Gold and Teresa on putting on this third annual 3Wheeler Rally.

  6. Alan says:

    Any Triglides planning to go to this event?

    • Teresa Schanzenbach says:

      Hi Alan – we actually have several tri-glides that are already registered and attending this years event. We always have a variety of makes and models which makes this event a lot of fun. Variety is the spice of life!

  7. Speed Adams says:

    We are coming this year, Powder River Trikers,
    Speed & Kae Adams.

    • Teresa Schanzenbach says:

      We are super excited that Powder River Trikers will be in attendance. Speed you were here in 2015 for the inaugural event and this year looks to be a fabulous time as well with a lot more to see and do at Triker Central. We look forward to seeing you in July!

  8. Karla says:

    Had a blast at the 2nd annual 3 wheel rally!! Was a wonderful week…

    • Teresa Schanzenbach says:

      HI Karla – thanks for attending and so glad you enjoyed yourself! Be safe and come back to see us in 2017!

  9. Jack says:

    Will be there this year!

  10. Fred W. Reese says:

    This should be a blast!

  11. gary king says:

    we want to thank you all for a fun time good food and great rides my grandson and me will never forget.

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