Here are some frequently answered questions about the Deadwood 3 Wheeler Rally:

  • How did the Deadwood 3 Wheeler Rally start?
    • South Dakota native and Deadwood resident Mike Gustafson has a deep love of the area and is also an avid Spyder rider.  He saw an opportunity to put the two together and D3WR was born!
  • When is the Rally in (year)?
  • How can I get on your mailing list for more information?
  • How can I become a Vendor for the Deadwood 3 Wheeler Rally?
  • Are there campgrounds nearby?
  • What kinds/styles of ride are welcome?
    • Pretty much all of them!  In terms of 3 wheelers we have seen at the rally, we’ve had Can-Am Spyders, Harley-Davidson Tri Glides and other trikes, Polaris Slingshots, Honda Goldwing trikes and others, Yamaha trikes, and a wide variety of conversion and custom trikes – sidecars included!  We’ve also had a good number of 2 wheelers to go along with, and they are welcome on every ride and at every event except the 3 Wheeler Show ‘n’ Shine.  There may also be some manufacturer-specific invitational events that are for owners and operators of particular machines.

For more information, please contact Teresas@firstgold.com or call 1-800-274-1876 Ext. 1102 or at 605-210-0433.

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  1. Janice Childs says:

    Which vendors are booked for 2017? I believe Laminated will be there, but who else?

    • Teresa Schanzenbach says:

      Hi Janice – I have not actually heard from Laminated at this time. The vendors are just now starting to roll in – stay tuned for an announcement soon but for now I can tell you we have a huge leather vendor out of Texas called Bib B’s Leather and an amazing pin striper by the name of Russ Mowry. We have heard rumors of many others but until they actually send in their forms I cannot divulge who they are yet.
      This year there is only a $100 fee to set up and vend as long as they have a SD Sales Tax license and fill out the proper forms. Spread the word – we are working hard to get some top-notch vendors here in 2017.

  2. Paul Marquardt says:

    Hi Teresa,
    A question was presented to me from a prospective attendee of the 2017 rally, as to what are your cancellation policies? If one has to cancel their on line, pre-reservation, is their a deadline date where a “full” refund will not be given? If so, what is that date? If the attendee pre-ordered a shirt at the time he/she pre-registered, I would assume that this amount of the total registration fee would not be refunded, correct? Your comments would be appreciated. Thank you.
    Paul M.

    • Teresa Schanzenbach says:

      Hi Paul:
      We completely understand things come up and sometimes people who have registered must forego coming. We have a pretty flexible cancellation policy – In the event of a death or illness or tike problem – if I know one week out I give a full refund. They will not get the refund until after the dust settles but we do try to get to it back to the registrant as soon as possible. If they ordered a t-shirt I send it to them. We do not however give refunds to people who just do not show up. They need to talk to me personally to get the refund. I hope that helps. 🙂

  3. Dennis Osentoski says:

    Hi, Can we register at the event on Tuesday morning or must we send in our registration forms before that date?

    Also, do you know approximately how many vendors you will have at the event so far?

    Many thanks for the info.

    • Teresa Schanzenbach says:

      Yes you can register the day of or any day of the rally when you get here. I cannot guarantee you will get the size of t-shirt you want if you do not register ahead of time. I have about 8 vendors so far with others contemplating. I will be doing more vendor announcements in the days ahead on our 3 Wheeler Rally Facebook page.

  4. gary dobrinich says:

    put me on mailing list

  5. Paul Marquardt says:


    Do you or one of your associates, send a reservation confirmation timely, once a reservation is received? If not, may I suggest that it would be desired and good practice to do so. Most rallies that I have attended, send out an email confirmation to the applicant, shortly after the reservation is made. Looking forward to attending!

    Paul M.

    • Teresa Schanzenbach says:

      Thanks for that suggestion Paul. We are glad that you plan to make the trip to Deadwood this year and I look forward to getting your registration. To be honest it is the lack of staff that has prevented us from doing the confirmations however I too like to know that all is well when I place an on-line order or register for something. Thanks for bringing it to my attention and I will work on remedying that!


  6. Ernie Williams says:

    Is there a listing of the destination runs yet? I went to the website for the info but only listings showed up is 2015. Need to know before I can make reservations.

    • Teresa Schanzenbach says:

      Hi Ernie:
      We have an idea as to what the runs will be but do not have them in stone because we are waiting to see what the road construction situation will be in this summer. That being said I can tell you we plan to do a ride in the Deadwood area on Tuesday, a Ride north through Belle Fourche and to the east past Bear Butte, ending at Fort Meade in Sturgis on Wednesday for some activities, Thursday is Devils Tower, Friday is Crazy Horse and Saturday is still undecided. Keep watching the website – as we figure it out we will update the schedule of events.

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